Jungle House Academy

Bitter honey, is that a honey?

Do you want to enjoy good health all your life? But find no such product to help with your health! Royal Black honey ...
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My honey crystallized, good or bad?

My honey crystallized, good or bad? Honey, whether crystallized or viscous fluid is made by industrious bees that ext...
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Bees are Ensuring Human Survival: Here’s How

For many people, bees are a nuisance. They buzz around annoyingly, chase people down the street, and sometimes even s...
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Homegrown brand Jungle House promotes health benefits of ethically sourced honey

While the majority of Jungle House’s honey is sourced from Indonesia, it also gets its supply from Malaysian jung...
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As we all know, how we start the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Picture this: you had a good nigh...
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Your Ultimate Honey Buying Guide

Although many of them may have the same appearance and colour, not all honey are equal. In fact, there are more varie...
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"Sleep Well, Honey";. Sorry, We Meant Sleep Well with Honey!

"Sleep Well, Honey";. Sorry, We Meant Sleep Well with Honey! The belief that “sleep is for the weak"; couldn't be mor...
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How Honey Was Used Once Upon a Time

How Honey Was Used Once Upon a Time If you think that you and your “honey” have been together for a long time, think ...
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Beeing Good to Nature

Beeing Good to Nature: How These Little Insects Play A Big Role Towards Conserving Mother Earth There is a saying tha...
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Tingkatkan Kesihatan Dan Imun Si Kecil Dengan Madu

Madu terbukti secara saintifik sebagai makanan yang berkhasiat dan memiliki pelbagai nutrisi dan mineral semula jadi ...
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For thousands of years, honey has held the world spellbound with its astounding health-giving benefits. These advanta...
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【健康食谱分享】小编的私房蜂蜜食谱 —> 蜂蜜生姜柠檬水

每一次感觉任何头晕发热还是着凉感冒,喝上一杯蜂蜜+生姜+柠檬水,就等于打一 针免疫增强剂! 亮白肌肤 好心情 减少恶心感 舒缓感冒/流感症状 增强免疫力!!!
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