Activating Purpose

Jungle House is committed to making the world a better place, one delicious honeypot at a time. Every honey product you purchase contributes to our goal of caring for and improving the lives of the bees and their environment, as well as that of their keepers. We are passionate about:

  • Preserving the honeybee colonies by protecting wild bee habitats, and in so doing, ensuring the survival of this species for the greater good and continued survival of our planet.
  • Supporting the jungle ecosystem by improving environmental sustainability through responsible harvesting, and pesticide-free farming.
  • Serving the indigenous beekeeping community through skill-sharing and upskilling initiatives, as well as protecting their interests by paying fair wages and ensuring safe working equipment and environments.

Thank you for joining this initiative to bring positive change by ensuring the long-term survival of the bees, their keepers and our planet.

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