Curiosity Begins

Paul and Ashley’s passion for honey began many years ago on an adventurous trip into the jungles of Garut in West Java, Indonesia. Along the way, they chanced upon a company of indigenous bee hunters who offered them a taste of fresh, jungle honey. They’ve tasted honey before, but not like this – pure, organic, unadulterated, raw honey, flavoured only by the flowers that the honeybees visit for nectar and pollen. This is what real honey is meant to taste like.

The Why

  • The time spent in the company of these kind and generous bee hunters also opened their eyes to the challenges, difficulties and dangers of the job that brought little income.

  • It was then that they both felt convicted to find a better way to help these hardworking bee hunters make a proper living by bringing this healthy, delicious honey to urban cities and the rest of the world.


Sharing the joy of pure honey, protecting the natural ecosystem of the honeybees, and supporting the bee hunters who risk life and limb for this precious, golden liquid, became their life’s mission. With this in mind, Jungle House was conceived – by a passionate husband-and-wife team that is committed to making the world a better place, as they bring you the gift of 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey from the jungles of the world, straight to your home.