Because Honey Matters

Honey is known as natural remedy, or superfood. People throughout the world has hailed the health benefits of honey for thousands of year. Rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzyme, consume a spoonful of honey everyday to keep your immunity strong and healthy.

Jungle House's Raw Honey

Our raw honey is harvested from the tropical wild jungle and organic farm that allows you to enjoy the most authentic honey with mono-floral taste that guarantee healthy, delicious and awesomeness.

100% Pure, Natural, Authentic

All honey that you find in our raw honey series are directly from the hive to your home. There is no artificial flavours or colouring in it. Taste the most natural gift from the jungle.

Superfood To Your Health

Our honey contains high nutrition with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, anti oxidant , anti bacterial, anti aging properties and etc. One spoon a day to keep your doctor away.

Honey With Purpose

Every type of honey has its unique attributes that could solve your problems. From soothing your sore throat and flu, improving immunity, strengthening stamina, relieve back pain and etc.

No Guilt With Sweet

Replace your daily sugar with honey in your coffee, tea, bread and more. Sweet in taste, but with many healthy properties. The unique taste of the honey makes your food tastier than ever.

The Jungle House Promises

One pound of raw honey is the hard work of thousands of bees visiting millions of flowers. We believe this little buzzing creatures are important to keep the earth alive. With ethical beekeeping and protecting the eco-system, we wish to bring healthy, delicious honey to people around the world.

- Paul & Ashley

Activating Purpose

Discover The Natural Goodness

We are proud to share with you 10 varieties of 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey, bottled without additives, artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Each specific type not only offers the enjoyment of a distinct flavour profile, it helps, heals, supports and benefits the body in its own unique way.

Our Flavours

Share the Gift of Honey

Just as the honeybees dedicate their entire lives to converting flower nectar into delicious honey in beautiful rows of hexagonal wax cells in the honeycomb, that same love and care is put into every honey gift option that we offer. Each and every gift, carefully curated and packaged with love.

Honey Gifts

Store Experience Centres

For all things honey, it can only be Jungle House. Come say ‘hello’ at the following locations and speak to our honey specialists in-store to know more about the many varieties of honey products we have to offer, as well as our initiatives to help improve lives one honeypot at a time.

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