Wedding Favours


Pure and organic. Raw and all-natural. Preservative- and pesticide-free. Deliciously rich and luxuriously thick. Some things are just better together than they are apart. Just like Mr and Mrs, and the bees and their keepers.
Jungle House is honoured to bring you the option of gifting your guests with wedding favours that are not only carefully curated and beautifully presented, but are also proactively in support of a meaningful social and environmental cause. Make your special day that much more meaningful by incorporating these gifts that are packed with love, and will contribute to the preservation of the bees and their ecosystem, as well as support the livelihood of the native bee hunters.


Our team of honey experts are more than happy to assist you in curating the perfect wedding favour that’s beautifully designed and carefully personalised to best represent your personalities and your love for each other. We wish you and your partner the best for the future, and thank you as you join us in doing our part to secure the future of the bees, support the bee hunters, and preserve their ecosystem.

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