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Honey With Sunshine

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Honey Soap

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Did you know that our honey also come in other forms? Yup that’s right! Aside from honey jars, our honey products come in the form of facial soaps and beauty teas. Our “Honey with Sunshine” allows you to indulge in the joys of it. 

Packed with three of our mini honey, this limited gift edition also gifts our bee friends with our ultra-hygiene honey soap and our mini antioxidant Beautea. For further joy, you can just add 5 ringgit to get your own personalised message! 

The bundle include the below:

Jungle’s Heart (40g) 

Jungle Heart is a strawberry flavoured honey that is harvested from a strawberry flower in Indonesia. Its sweet savour and thin texture not only satisfy the taste buds of children but also provides them with a gentle relief for cough, flu, sore throat, sinus and asthma. No wonder it’s a child’s best friend!

Sweettooth (40g) 

With a sweetened fresh mango after taste, this mango flavoured honey is a sweet paradise for mango lovers. Its organic fruity flavour and smooth texture will definitely satisfy that sweet craving! As for its benefits, Sweet Tooth provides an effective solution for digestion issues such as constipation and bacterial infections.

Jungle’s Eye (40g) 

With a fresh taste of longan, Jungle Eye comes in handy when in dire need of skin improvement. Due to its rich antibacterial properties, this dark brown shade nectar aids in the nourishment of one’s skin and the healing of wounds. So, if you are looking to achieve that flawless skin, you know who to look to! ;)

Bee Beautea - Superb Tea Burst 

Mixed with the essence of Dragon Fruit, Bee Beautea is a honey tea that helps fight the cruel effects of aging that is wrinkles. Its rich antioxidants properties rejuvenate damaged skin as it allows it to repair itself and correct visible damage. Each of these youthful beautea packages is filled with three individual packs. 

Handcrafted Jungle’s Eye Honey Soap 

Can’t seem to find anything that is gentle on your sensitive skin? Look no further! With a fresh taste of longan, this handcrafted Jungle’s Eye Honey soap is handy when in dire need of skin improvement. 

Due to its rich antibacterial properties, it aids in the nourishment of one’s skin and the improvement of severe acne conditions. So, if you are looking to achieve that flawless skin, this is your go-to product! 

Handcrafted Royal White Honey Soap 

Made from natural honey from Kiawe Flower Nectar, this handcrafted honey soap is a safe haven for all skin care lovers. In fact, it is sought out for its soothing scents and relaxing moisturising properties. Daily usage of this would leave your skin moisturised, gentle and youthful! 

How to Consume?

Direct Consume

  • 1 tablespoon (15g) honey scooped directly into mouth.

Made into Drinks:

  • 2 tablespoons (40g) honey in 1 cup (400ml) water.
  • Do not use a metal spoon

CAUTION: Unsuitable for infants under the age of 12 months.


Do not refrigerate

Do not expose to direct sunlight

Can be consumed in crystallised form

Clean and dry after each use, then store in ant-free location

No expiry for raw honey

Do not use metal spoon

Hive To Home

All our honey are harvested directly from the hive and delivered to you 100% without any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. We always believe that nature has the best answer to all our problems. You can always consume the most natural honey which comes from sustainable beekeeping practices.

    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine
    Honey With Sunshine

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    Life sometimes comes with bitterness, let honey sweeten our moments


    Good honey doesn’t come easy, it takes difficult path to search for it


    Whether is wild jungle honey or farm honey, they are special by itself


    Consume honey daily and see the difference in health