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For thousands of years, honey has held the world spellbound with its astounding health-giving benefits. These advantages include antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, antifungal and pro-biotic properties. In addition, honey contains monosaccharides, glucose, floral flavonoids and abundant fructose. Regular consumption of honey has improved the well-being of millionsthrough generations in many cultures.
However, raw jungle-sourced honey is distinctly advantageous compared to ‘regular’ honey. These ‘added benefits’ include:
1) Raw honey keeps cancer at bay – the flavonoids decrease cancer cells marginally
2) The antioxidant properties of raw honey helps to sustain heart health
3) Raw honey reduces ulcers and gastric complications
4) Boosts energy instantly with powerful nutrients such as sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, protein and iron in raw honey
5) Raw honey (with its antibacterial feature) has been used as an Ayurvedic cure for cough and throat infections
6) The antiseptic and antifungal qualities of raw honey treats cuts and wounds effectively
7) Raw honey soothes one’s respiratory tract, hampering mucus build-up, especially bringing relief to asthma sufferers
8) Acting as an immunomodulatory agent, raw honey removes most skin disorders, while enhancing one’s complexion
9) The antibacterial property of raw honey eliminates dandruff and strengthens scalps
10) Raw honey improves cognitive functions while inducing sleep via its antioxidant
11) Raw honey stimulates the growth of immune cells, thus reinforcing one’s immune system
Jungle House Honey pure honey range showcases the above healthy benefits thereof. Every purchase of Jungle House Honey ensures that you are gaining a real and excellent honey product, fresh from the honeycomb, for the wellbeing of both you and your family!
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