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Why Us

We are proud to share with you 12 varieties of 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey, bottled without additives, artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Each specific type not only offers the enjoyment of a distinct flavour profile, it helps, heals, supports and benefits the body in its own unique way.

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My body functions well with this honey; I take a cup every morning on an empty stomach for the best effect. It has helped with my resistance together with Jungle Heart. Highly recommend it if you have never tried it. Super fast delivery and product always well packed. Had taken the honey from higher-end brands but always back to Jungle House!

O. Christine

This is a good product for me, and is my second order. I replenish this Royal Black Honey because I can sleep well also helps to relieve muscle aches after consuming it during nighttime before bedtime. Feel fresh when waking up in the morning. Thank you, Jungle House!

C. Yen Yi

Premium Royal Black is always my and my mom's first choice beverage. We both get addicted to the unique taste of this delicious healthy beverage. It not only relieves my mom's back pain (she had diabetic), but it also reduces my headache. Surprisingly it cures my sore throat and cough as well.

C. Seline


1.1 Where is Jungle House honey harvested from?

Our honey is harvested across different countries around the world with the philosophy of hive to home. This means all the honey is at the rawest form, without pasteurization to maintain its best level of nutrition. At this moment, our honey is sourced from Indonesia and Thailand. There will be more honey  introduced across the time. 

1.2 How does honey benefit our health?

Honey has high natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties to help boost our immune system to have a healthy body. Different flower nectars which honey is sourced from have varied amounts of nutrients which have health benefits for overall wellness.

1.3 How long do we take honey to see health benefits?

We encourage you to consume 15g to 30g daily (1 to 2 tablespoon) to see health benefits in 60 days.

1.4 Why does honey have many different flavours?

Our honey is sourced from different flower nectars which give different natural flavours. We recommend you to try out our variety of  taste sampling in our retails to find your favourite honey!

1.5 Does honey have artificial flavourings?

All of our honey is harvested from mono-floral nectar, which means every honey has its unique taste and aroma. Rest assured, there is no artificial flavoring or preservative added into the honey. The honey itself is 100% pure and natural, from hive to home.

1.6 Does honey have an expiry date?

Honey has no expiry date as it is sourced from nature. As long as the honey is stored properly, it is  always safe for you to consume.

1.7 is honey fattening?

A  tablespoon of honey contributes only 64 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrate. It's  light and the calorie is like drinking 150 ml of unsweetened apple juice which has 69 calories and 16.5 grams of carbohydrates. Hence it’s not fattening.

1.8 Does dark honey mean spoiled?

No. The colour of the honey has a lot to do with its origin flower that nectar comes from, the soil and the climate. So the colour varies, and does not mean it's spoiled.

1.9 What is the difference between Wild Honey and Organic Farm Honey?


Wild honey is collected from the wild forest of Indonesia, which is free from pollution, pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. Bee hives are found in high mountains and forest regions.


Natural raw honey is harvested from fruit farms which are free from the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Bees feed on nectar produced by the flowers, creating naturally flavoured honey.

1.10 What is the difference between Squeezy, Daily, and Premium Series?

It is all natural raw honey but different in size, packaging and level of concentration.

Squeezy series is 310ml in a convenient packaging where you can squeeze the bottle and consume it daily with plain water or applying on food like oats, cake, bread  etc.

Daily series is 500ml in our standard packaging. Do use a honey wood stirrer to take out the honey and mix with water for daily consumption. This is recommended for people who consume it daily.

Premium series is 500ml where honey is 2x more concentrated vs Daily series. The honey goes through a special vacuum process to reach higher concentration of the honey.  This means the nutrition level in the honey  is also doubled besides thickness and density. Highly recommended for people who like to consume honey directly from the container without mixing with water.

1.11 Is Jungle House product halal certified?

At this moment, our brand is yet to obtain halal certificate. However, all the products that  we sell do not contain any non-halal ingredients, including honey cake and juices. There is no use of any pork or alcohol in any of the products.