Our Values

Spark Awesomeness

We are passionate about keeping a strong team spirit that drives innovation and excellence in all that we do. We create opportunities to bring joy and memorable experiences to our customers at every touchpoint.

Be Authentic

We place great importance on honesty and truth in every aspect of our business. We practice openness and transparency in our company culture and in our offerings. Real (100% pure) honey, real (hardworking) individuals, real (positive) change.

Be Courageous

We are committed to braving all odds and going the distance to source for the purest, most delicious honey in the most responsible methods for the wellbeing of the bees, their ecosystem and our planet. We are willing to take risks to explore new ways to innovate our offerings to keep our customers intrigued and happy.

Learn & Grow

We keep our curiosity burning as we explore the world of honey – never to be let down because Nature just keeps surprising us with her infinite wonders. We keep learning, keep growing, and keep asking – “How can we do it better?”

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