Nature's gift for good health

Nature's gift for good health

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HONEY has a history of being one of the earliest known foods eaten by man.

For centuries, honey has been a valued food in traditional medicine in China, India, Egypt, Greece and the Arab world and is used in both festive and religious ceremonies.

Honey is a known superfood. Rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes, consuming a spoonful of honey daily keeps your immune system strong and healthy.

When honey enthusiasts and founders of Jungle House, Paul Poh and Ashley Lam embarked on an adventurous trip, trekking deep into the jungles of Garut in West Java, Indonesia in 2018, they chanced upon a company of indigenous bee hunters.

Having tasted pure, fresh raw organic jungle honey offered to them, they fell in love with the sweet golden liquid and were determined to bring the nutritious jungle goodness back home.

Thus began the journey of their honey lifestyle specialty store, Jungle House.

Pure and raw Jungle House's honey comes in various flavours and are available in specially curated beautiful gift sets too.


Pure and raw honey from Jungle House.
Pure and raw honey from Jungle House.


Jungle House's Sweet & Healthy Parents' Day campaign which runs until June 26, offers honey gift sets which deliver love and goodness to family members.

Although there's a large variety of natural raw honey available at Jungle House, there are two which are exceptionally beneficial for parents, Royal White and Royal Black which are available in the daily and premium series.

Royal White is high in Vitamin B6 and works as a natural remedy for insomnia by increasing the body's production of melatonin. It is valued for its anti-ageing benefits and improves brain function and memory and reduces stomach and mouth ulcers.

This signature honey is made by honeybees whose hives are at the coast, by the waters of Sumbawa Island in Sumatra, Indonesia. This rare, highly sought-after, white honey is creamier than many others and has a floral flavour that is delightfully fresh, not overly sweet, and an almost-unnoticeable tinge of sourness.

Royal Black is highly prized for its medicinal value and is rich in minerals and vitamin B complex. Its benefits include healing serious wounds and burns with its anti-inflammatory effects, treating mild arthritis, supporting the immune system and even improving one's complexion.

This signature honey is harvested from the hives of wild bees that are found high in the branches of mature, old Mahoni trees deep in the jungles of Sumatra. With its complex woody taste that starts off bitter on the tongue then ends with a sweet aftertaste, it is ideal as a sugar replacement for diabetic patients and the elderly.

The gift sets are available online and at Jungle House's retail stores.


A healthy gift for your loved ones.
A healthy gift for your loved ones.