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Being the first honey specialty store in Malaysia, Jungle House launched their ninth outlet in Bangsar where it offers a variety of honey products, honey-inspired food and beverages, as well as crafted gift sets for consumers. Unlike their other retail stores, the ninth outlet also comes in with a café where customers could snack on their preferred food and beverages in a cozy, therapeutic environment. 

During the launch, Chief Executive Officer of Jungle House, Paul Poh stated his vision of delivering honey from the wild jungles to home as he brings honey from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, as they are now working closely with the indigenous communities who provide them with high-quality honey. He further explains that Jungle House is directed on the right path in protecting and improving the bee industry as they practice the right beekeeping method in order to preserve the ecosystem. 

 “We provide daily as well as highly concentrated premium wild jungle honey such as Royal Black and Royal White honey which are very rare and contain high medicinal nutrition to benefit health immensely. Each drop of honey is precious and rare due to the low supply from the wild jungles, and not harvested on farms.  Hence, we need to preserve the bee colony so that both the ecosystem and business are sustainable,” explained Paul. 

Chief Business Officer Ashley Lam said, “In the current endemic situation, we have to live with Covid hence it’s important that we build up our body’s immunity level by taking superfoods like honey. Meanwhile, it is our vision to have Jungle House’s presence in major cities in the country and region through carefully- planned expansion.”

To educate the public about the health and nutrition benefits of honey and how it is known as one of the superfoods that are capable to boost the body’s immunity, consultant dietitian Ms Indra Balaratnam shared her knowledge by stating, “Honey comes with many nutritious benefits, being a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes compounds which assist our body to increase its immunity and protect our health. Besides that, honey has properties which make it antibacterial and antimicrobial so it’s good for the body and helps to soothe coughs and sore throats which make it useful to combat Covid symptoms.”