Honey, I’m Home: Jungle House Opens Café/Honey Concept Store In Bangsar

Honey, I’m Home: Jungle House Opens Café/Honey Concept Store In Bangsar

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It’s official: Jungle House has launched its 9th outlet in Bangsar (March 17)! What started as a love story, led to a flourishing honey business partnership where appreciation for honey and cultivation of a honey culture for health-conscious Malaysians are fostered. Power couple Paul and Ashley are the minds behind Jungle House, Malaysia’s first honey specialty store!

Paul Poh & Ashley Lam, co-founders of Jungle House

This Jungle House outlet is the first of its kind with a café concept. Located in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 3, outlets patrons can now enjoy a wide range of honey-inspired F&B items, including Honey Breakfast Oats, Russian Honey Cakes, varieties of Croffles, honey coffees, tea, and juices!

Besides the cozy environment and their delicious selection of honey delights, this café also offers a selection of high-quality honey products, beverages, honeycombs, and various thematic and beautifully-crafted gift sets and personal care items like a honey soap series, face masks, and other merchandise!

Working with the indigenous communities mainly in the jungles of Indonesia, and some from Thailand and Malaysia, the Jungle House has more than 10 types of natural flavours that are all mono-floral, raw, pure, natural honey without any addition of artificial flavourings.

The flavours are Royal Black (nectar extracted from Mahoni tree), Royal White (Kiawe flower nectar), Jungle’s Heart (Strawberry flower nectar), Yellow Love (Linden flower nectar), Sweettooth (Mango flower nectar), Jungle’s Eye (Longan flower nectar), Pink Lady (Cotton flower nectar), Roast Cube (coffee flower nectar), Citrus Bloom (Orange flower nectar) & Fruit Boss (Durian flower nectar).

During the launch, Jungle House also introduced its new food and beverage item “Honey-misu” featuring its signature honey – Royal Black and Royal While – and their Signature Honey Variety pack gift set! And we gotta say, we enjoyed every bite of it!

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Jungle House, Paul Poh, Jungle House aims to bring raw unadulterated honey from hive to home. They believe in improving and sustaining the bee industry, protecting the world’s ecosystem by teaching the right beekeeping methods, and saving the bee colonies.

“Our passion is to make the enjoyment of raw honey easily accessible and affordable to all Malaysians, We also moot the enjoyment of honey as a lifestyle experience on a daily basis for good health in a natural way,” Paul said.

Working with experienced bee hunters from Indonesia, Chief Business Officer Ashley Lam also explained that they were touched by the kindness and generosity of the bee hunters, who, despite their challenges and the difficulties and dangers of a job that brings in little income, are still committed to their craft. Which is what motivated them to help the bee hunters to make a proper living, while harvesting honey responsibly.

“In the current pandemic situation, we have to live with Covid, hence it’s important that we build up our body’s immunity level by taking superfoods like honey. Meanwhile, it is our vision to have Jungle House’s presence in major cities in the country and region through carefully-planned expansion. And we are committed to making the world a better place, as we bring you the gift of 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey direct from jungles of the world to homes.”

Jungle House stands unique with the tagline ‘All Things Honey’, as it offers a wide variety of premium honey products that are both delicious and nutritious.