As we all know, how we start the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Picture this: you had a good night’s sleep, then a nice shower in the morning, followed by a good breakfast. Chances are you’ll have a smile on your face, ready to take on anything and everything that comes your way.

Although coffee or may be the choice for many of you to kick start your day well, we at Jungle House strongly believe that honey is also a viable option (and it’s not just because we sell honey!). In fact, honey might even be a viable selection to replace your morning long blacks. *cue dramatic music* You will be amazed to see how a simple mix of lemon, honey, and warm water can do wonders to your health, while leaving you with high energy and immunity levels to power you through the day.

Here are some reasons why you should be starting your day with honey.

Improves Digestion

If you have tummy troubles, this is a good way to help with digestive problems. This is because when coupled with lemon in lukewarm water, honey is an effective remedy against constipation. Moreover, this potent combination of lemon and honey is a great detox solution for your body. Together, they have
the potential to cleanse the digestive system, especially the colon, therefore removing toxins and undigested food from the body.

Improves Metabolism

Speaking of boosted digestion, honey also helps to stimulate your metabolism. Drinking a glass of honey with lukewarm water and lemon on an empty stomach gets your body in the fat-burning mode.
Compared to refined sugar, honey provides energy without causing you to pile on unnecessary weight.

Helps with Weight Loss

As mentioned in the previous point, honey can help one to lose weight. When you are planning to lose weight, it is often recommended to exclude all sugar-based sweets, except honey. This is because unlike conventional sweeteners in the market, honey has high levels of plant-based sugars such as fructose, which gives you spiked energy levels minus the additional calories. This also means it enables you to cut down consumption of carbohydrates – the primary energy source that many of us rely on. Therefore, it is recommended to add honey to your weight management plan.

Boosts the Immune System

Do you find yourself falling sick often? One reason could be because your immunity levels have decreased. Good news! Having a glass of honey in the morning can help to boost your immune system. Honey is known to be rich in plant compounds and antioxidants like flavonoids, so having it with warm
water in the morning can help to improve immunity. Apart from cleansing your body from harmful toxins, these antioxidants shield the body from infections and provide added health benefits.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Triglycerides

The convenience that food delivery and takeaway services provide means that we can order food and have it delivered to our doorsteps with just a few taps on the smartphone. This results in us consuming calorie-filled food almost daily. Not only does this cause us to be less active in terms of actually taking the effort to prepare food and cook (or to walk to our favourite eateries for a meal), the food options that we often go for are typically unhealthy for us as it leads to increased levels of cholesterol.

Thankfully, studies have shown that long-term consumption of honey is effective in lowering our cholesterol levels in our body, thanks to the antioxidants and other constituents that are present in high-quality honey. These components and vitamins enable long-term consumption of honey reduces “bad” LDL cholesterol, which plays a major role in arteriosclerosis – the fatty buildup that narrows your
arteries and can lead to heart attacks and other heart conditions. At the same time, honey also raises “good” HDL cholesterol.

Additionally, when used as a substitute for refined sugar, honey has proven to be effective in lowering triglyceride levels, another risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Good for the Skin

If you are plagued with skin conditions, honey can be what you are looking for to improve your complexion. Honey is also known for having antibacterial and cleansing properties. As it is effective in removing toxins from the body, this helps to purify the blood, boost collagen production, making it a remedy for radiant skin. It’s no wonder why honey has become a core ingredient in many skincare
products available in the market today.

Whether you are drinking honey with warm water or having a spoonful of raw honey, the benefits of starting your day with honey is undeniable. Honey is also believed to relieve stress and calm emotions, which can definitely help you to navigate through the day. Well, at least we now know what we will be having tomorrow morning!