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Honey, A Wholesome & Healthy Gift from nature

Honey, A Wholesome & Healthy Gift from nature

For centuries, honey has been touted as a nutrient powerhouse. Now, more than ever as people are seeking to fortify their health and well-being, honey is highly sought-after for its rejuvenating and medicinal properties.

However, not all honey are equal. Some brands resort to cutting cost by adding cane or corn sugars to their honey, resulting in sweet products but very little to none of the goodness of honey and all of the adverse effects of white sugar. Jungle House, a purveyor of raw honey sourced directly from the Southeast Asian jungles, has been offering honey of the highest quality and nutrition to consumers for more than a decade. Jungle House’s flower nectar or floral honey have a lower GI, which has a lower impact on blood glucose and insulin levels and therefore, may be safe for diabetics.

We offer these delicious variants of real honey with a host of benefits, and their unique colours and flavours reflect the flora source:

  • Jungle’s Heart – Sourced from the strawberry flower, has a strawberry aftertaste — a definite favourite with kids. It helps to ease symptoms of coughs, flu and sore throats.
  • Sweet Tooth – Derived from the mango flower, it has a mango aftertaste. Great for digestion, it has been known to help with constipation.
  • Fruit Boss – A must for the fans of King of Fruits as it is sourced from the durian flower and has a light durian aftertaste. It is an energy booster and promotes male fertility.
  • Jungle’s Eye – Sourced from the longan flower, it has a longan aftertaste. It is great for a glowing skin complexion and has anti-bacterial effects.
  • Royal White – Sourced from the kiawe flower, it gives a citrus burst aftertaste. It helps with insomnia and has anti-ageing properties.
  • Royal Black – Sourced from the mahoni flower, it has a bitter aftertaste and no apparent sweetness. It is good for alleviating back pain as it has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Yellow Love – Sourced from the linden tree, it helps improve the eyesight, has a cooling effect and boasts of antioxidant properties
  • Pink Lady – Sourced from the cotton flower, it is a stamina booster and is high in anti-oxidants


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