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Delicious, nutritious and waiting just for you.

Our search for honey brought us around the world and we are delighted to be able to share these natural honey varieties with you. 10 delicious options, offering a wide range of nutritional and healthy benefits. Enjoy the unique tastes of floral, fruity and herbal notes with every delicious drop as you incorporate nature’s superfood into your healthy lifestyle.

Royal White

Kiawe Flower Nectar

• Combats Insomnia
• Relaxing Mind & Body
• Anti-Aging

Royal Black

Mahoni Tree Nectar

• Anti Inflammatory
• Lower Risk of Heart Disease
• Good for Back Pain

Yellow Love

Linden Flower Nectar

• Improves Eyesight
• Cooling Effect
• High In Antioxidants

Pink Lady

Cotton Flower Nectar

• Energy Booster
• High In Antioxidants
• Anti-Aging

Jungle's Heart

Strawberry Flower Nectar

• Eases Cough & Sore Throat
• Improve Flu and Sinus
• Gentle Relief for Asthma

Citrus Bloom

Citrus Flower Nectar

• High in Vitamin C
• Eases Cough & Sore Throat
• Improve Flu and Sinus


Mango Flower Nectar

• Promotes Healthy Gut
• Reduce Constipation
• Boost Immunity

Jungle's Eye

Longan Flower Nectar

• Improves Skin Complexion
• Wound Healing
• Reduce Fatigue

Fruit Boss

Durian Flower Nectar

• Boost Immunity
• Enhance Sexual Performance
• Wound Healing

Roast Cube

Coffee Flower Nectar

• Respiratory Ailments
• Ease Cough And Sore Throat
• Improve Flu And Sinus

Different Flavours & Health Benefits

All-natural, 100% pure, organic honey for every taste.

We pride ourselves in the careful sourcing and responsible harvesting of pesticide- and pollution- free honey from around the world that is bottled without additives, artificial colourings,flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.

The result of this care is our delicious range of 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey, direct from the hives of pollinating honeybees that collect sweet nectar from a variety of flowers in unpolluted farms, forests and jungles.

This all-natural, un-treated honey supply means that every batch of Jungle House honey may look and taste slightly different, depending on the flower and season, while some varieties are seasonaland are limited in their availability at certain times of the year.

In order to keep doing this sustainably, we take great care of our honeybees with responsible and tested bee-keeping methods. By taking good care of the bees and their ecosystem, we can ensure that the honey that we harvest is always pure, natural and of the highest quality.

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