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It all started in the living space of her home back in 2007. For as long as she can remember, our founder, Ashley has always been inspired to incorporate honey into the realms of everyday life. Therefore, the idea for Jungle House was born. However, she knew from the start that it had to be done justly.

This meant that the honey needed to be 100% organic for people to fully indulge in the joys of honey. Thus, for the past thirteen years, we have committed ourselves to source the purest honey from all across Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia. From the forests in Indonesia to the greenwood in China, our honey is harvested from wild beehives by indigenous beekeepers.

The process first begins with collecting the honey from the wild combs after pollination. Once this process is done, the honey is sent for filtration. Through the filtration, we can extract the honey while maintaining the essence and flavor of the raw honey. Hence why our honey comes in different flavors.

The extracted honey is then sent to our R&D (Research & Development) factory for testing. This is to ensure that the right nutrients are extracted for the benefits of our customers. Today, we have had the privilege of serving fresh and healthy honey to our customers across the country.

Although we have come a long way, we are dedicated more than ever to continue making honey consumable and delicious for all our customers.
“Jungle House, where honey meets delicious”
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